Mag. Dr. Judith Kohlenberger
Winter term 2017
128110 VO Cultural Studies - MA M01 - Apocalypse Now: Narratives of Crisis and Catastrophe in the 21st Century
Kohlenberger, J. (AutorIn), & Zwaan, S. (AutorIn). (2013). All the World’s a Video Wall: Technology, Humanity, and the Things in Between. Reviewing Chris Salter’s Entangled. Mediascape: UCLA's Journal of Cinema and Media Studies.
Kohlenberger, J. (2013). C.ool S.exy I.ntelligent: Cool Forensics and the Spectacle of Technoscience in CSI. in A. Fellner, J. Moos, S. Hamscha, & K. Heissenberger (Hrsg.), Is It ‘Cause It’s Cool?: Affective Encounters with American Culture (S. 117-139). Vienna: LIT Verlag.
Kohlenberger, J. (2013). Tupi Or Not Tupi: Diversity, Conformity, and the Cultural Work of Cannibalism in How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman. in R. Dickason, & R. Ahrens (Hrsg.), Screening and Depicting Cultural Diversity in the English-speaking World and Beyond (S. 51-67). (Anglo-Amerikanische Studien / Anglo-American Studies). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc..
Kohlenberger, J. (2013). This Space Called Science: Border Negotiations and the Revision of Cultural Maps in Contemporary US-American Popular Culture. in M. Fuchs, & M-T. Holub (Hrsg.), Placing America: American Culture and its Spaces (S. 187-204). Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag.
Kohlenberger, J. (AutorIn). (2012). Die Macht des Cool.
Kohlenberger, J. (AutorIn). (2012). Meine Forschung: Die Coolness-Formel.

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