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Research interests

The Noun Phrase in English and Dutch (structure, meaning, use)
Possessive constructions (in English, German and Dutch)
Reference and predication, definiteness and specificity
Syntactic alternation
English pronouns
Apposition in English
Information structure
Linguistic categorization
Semi-fixed constructions
English adverbs
Theoretical framework: Functional Discourse Grammar
Team leader of the FunCog research group


Functional Discourse Grammar
Cognitive Grammar
Linguistic Categorization
Linguistic models and approaches
The English Noun Phrase
English idioms


Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1987 MA in English language and literature, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
1987 Joint researcher in the research programme "Functional language research: grammar and pragmatics", Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
1987-1988 Teacher of English, Maastricht School of Translation
1992 PhD in English Linguistics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Title of dissertation: “Reference, predication and (in)definiteness in Functional Grammar”
1991-1994 Lecturer in English, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
1993-1998 Teacher of English, Alkwin Kollege, Uithoorn
1998-2000 Postdoctoral researcher in the research programme “A Modern Grammar of Dutch”, Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands
2001-2003 Principal researcher in the AHRB research programme “The English Noun Phrase; an empirical study”, Survey of English Usage, University College London
2003-2011 Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics. University of Amsterdam; Senior Researcher at the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication (ACLC)
2011- Professor of English Linguistics: Cognition and Variation, University of Vienna

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