Elisabeth Lechner, BA BA MA MA
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Summer term 2018
124262 KO Critical Media Analysis - Are You Beach Body Ready? Approaching Body Studies Through The Body Politics of Advertising
Summer term 2017
128110 VO Cultural Studies - MA M01 - Screening Pleasure
Simonek, S., Lechner, E., & Tomala, M. (2017). Wasserfrauen auf Abwegen: Die Transformation des Rusalka-Motivs in der polnischen und russischen Popkultur. Studia Slavica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 62(1).
Lechner, E. (2015). Konzeptionen von Femininität und Maskulinität im russischsprachigen Girl-Pop. in S. Simonek, & J. Doschek (Hrsg.), Slawische Popkultur (S. 131-151). Wien : Polnische Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Research Interests

I am currently working on my PhD project Beyond Disgust - The Popfeminist Politics of Body Positivity, in which I focus on the renewed interest and popularity of 'disgusting' female bodies and, more specifically, the body positivity phenomenon on social media. As a PhD candidate and Uni:docs research fellow at the English Department my main research interests lie at the interface between popular culture and feminism – including:

- CULTURAL STUDIES Popular Culture & Feminisms, Neoliberalism, Cultural Theory 
- GENDER & BODY STUDIES Feminist Theory, Popular/Celebrity Feminism, Feminist History & New Trends, Postfeminist Media & Beyond, Sexualities, Embodiment, Body Positivity, Fat Acceptance, Menstrual Activism
- FILM & MEDIA STUDIES Film, Television, Visual Culture, Online Culture & Digital/Web Activism 
- TRANSGRESSION in Popular Culture
- AFFECT STUDIES esp. Body Shame, Disgust

Conference Presentations

2018 "#effyourbeautystandards – Fashion and the Popfeminist Politics of Body Positivity"   – Taboo-Breaking Fashion, Conference, University of Hamburg, January 2018.

2017 "Too much information!? Zum transgressiv-feministischen Potenzial des ‘ekligen’ weiblichen Körpers in der zeitgenössischen Popkultur" – Contribution to the 2017 IFK SUMMER SCHOOL “WIEDERKEHR DER GEFÜHLE” (On the Return of Emotions), Altmünster, Austria. August 2017 (in German, "On the Transgressive-Feminist Potential of ‘Disgusting’ Female Bodies in Contemporary Popular Culture")

2017 "Too much information!? On the New Visibility of ‘Disgusting’ Female Bodies in Contemporary Popular Culture" – Workshop on “Embodied Feelings” with Prof. LINDA WILLIAMS (UC Berkeley), University of Vienna. June 2017.

2017 “Gross! On the New Visibility of ‘Disgusting’ Female Bodies in American Popular Culture” – Austria’s Young Americanists: Young Scholars Conference 2017, University of Vienna. May 2017.

2017 “Against the Silencing Politics of TMI or: Creating Spaces for ‘Disgusting’ Female Bodies in Popular Culture” – Women and Popular Culture(s) in the Anglophone Worlds, La Rochelle, FR. May 2017.

2017 “Speaking Up Against the Silencing Politics of TMI or: ‘Disgusting’ Female Bodies Talk Back” – Talking Bodies Conference, Chester, UK. April 2017.

2017 “On the Problematic Resignification of ‘White Trash’” – Trash. Postgraduate Conference, University of Vienna. January 2017.

2017 Podium Discussion on Lookism – Days of Action against Sexism and Homophobia, University of Cologne, Germany. January 2017. (in German)

2016 “Too Much information?! The Language(s) of bodily resistance in the Works of Lena Dunham and Charlotte Roche” – ICLA (21st World Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association), University of Vienna, July 2016.

2015 Presentation of my MA-Thesis “Pop, Porn and Postfeminism – Femininity and Masculinity in the Music Videos of 21st-Century Russian-speaking Girl Bands” – Symposion “Popnet Austria”, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW), December 2015. (in German)

2015 Workshop on “Pop, Porn and Postfeminism. Femininity and Masculinity in Contemporary Music Videos” – Feminist Spring University, Fürstenfeld, Austria. April 2015. (in German)

2013 Presentation about the Russian Pop Band Fabrika. – Polnische Popkultur / Slawische Popkultur, Polish Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria. April 2013. (in German)


Summer Term 2018 KO Critical Media Analysis – Course Convenor and Lecturer “Are You Beach Body Ready? Approaching Body Studies Through the Body Politics of Advertising”, University of Vienna

Summer Term 2018 Lecture Series “(Be)Coming Home” – Lecture “Girls at Home – Feminist Insights into the Private Sphere(s) of Contemporary US Television”, University of Vienna

Summer Term 2017 Lecture Series “Screening Pleasure” – Lecture “Discussing the Complexities of ‘Disgusting’ Sex in Lena Dunham’s Girls”, University of Vienna

2012 – 2015 Teacher for German as a Foreign Language at Alpha Sprachinstitut (1010 Vienna)

Sept. – Oct. 2013 Teacher for German as a Foreign Language at the Sumy State University (Ukraine)

2012 - 2013 Tutorial for the Course Introduction to Slavic Studies – Department of Slavic Studies, University of Vienna

Organisation of Events

2016/2017 CO-Organisation of Lecture Series “Screening Pleasure”with Linda Williams & Clarissa Smith – Grant Applications, Invitation of Guest Speakers, Exam. More info here: https://ufind.univie.ac.at/de/course.html?lv=128110&semester=2017S 

2016           CO-Organisation of “Trash. Postgraduate Conference” –Conception, Call for Papers, Invitations, Paper Selection, Grant Applications, Publication. http://www.univie.ac.at/trash/


September - December 2017: Research Stay at Goldsmiths, University of London, with Prof. Lisa Blackman

Since October 2016: Uni:Docs Fellow at the Department of English, University of Vienna

Since September 2015: PhD in English and American Studies, University of Vienna
Working Title: "Beyond Disgust: The Popfeminist Politics of Body Positivity"

September 2015 – August 2016: Internship at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW)

June – July 2015: Participant at the Harvard Institute for World Literature (IWL) in Lisbon

October 2011 – January 2015: MA Russian Studies, Graduation with Distinction at the University of Vienna
MA Thesis: “Pop, Porn and Postfeminism – Femininity and Masculinity in the Music Videos of 21st- Century Russian-speaking Girl Bands” (written in German, available here: http://ubdata.univie.ac.at/AC12185513)

October 2011 – November 2013: MA Anglophone Literatures and Cultures, Graduation with Distinction at the University of Vienna
MA Thesis: “The Plays of Tanika Gupta - Introducing a Contemporary British Playwright” (available here: http://ubdata.univie.ac.at/AC11726400)

October 2008 – Summer 2011:
BA Studies: English and American Studies at the University of Vienna
BA Studies: Slavic Studies (Russian) at the University of Vienna


Graduate Fellow at the Vienna Doctoral Academy: Theory and Methodology in the Humanities

Member of the Gender Studies Association Austria (http://www.oeggf.at)


Sept. 2016 – Sept 2019 Uni:Docs PhD Scholarship for the completion of the dissertation “Beyond Disgust: The Popfeminist Politics of Body Positivity”

Winter Term 2012 Student Award of the English and American Studies Department, University of Vienna for the Seminar Paper “Gazing at the Quilting Murderess: Conceptions of Womanhood in Atwood’s Alias Grace”

Various Performance Scholarships for excellent grades (in both BAs & MAs)

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