WS 2017/18
Pilný, Ondrej. PS "Irish Drama in Context" (2 groups)

Pilný, Ondrej. AR "The Plays of Samuel Beckett" (2 groups)

Pilný, Ondrej. KO "Critical Readings in Literature: Modern Irish Literature"

SS 2017
Mieszkowski, Sylvia. SE "20th Century Irish Drama"

Pettitt, Lance. AR "Cultural/Media Studies - Screening Ireland: Film, TV and Cyber Representation"

WS 2016/17
Mieszkowski, Sylvia. SE "Contemporary Irish Short Stories"

SS 2016

Fuchs, Dieter. VO "Easter, 1916: Representing the Rising" (distinguished lecture series)

McLoughlin, Finbarr. VO "Irish History from Early Times to the Present"

Pettitt, Lance. SE "Staging and Screening Ireland: Exile, Theatre and Film" (2 groups)

Pettitt, Lance. PS "The Irish Revival" (2 groups)

WS 2015/16

Ó Ciardha, Éamonn. AR "Literature and Society in Ireland: An Introduction"

Ó Ciardha, Éamonn. AR "The Irish Outlaw: The Making of a Nationalist Icon"

Ó Ciardha, Éamonn. KO "Critical Media Analysis: The Irish Political Ballad"

Tockner, Gudrun. PS "Forms and Functions of the Supernatural in British and Irish Literature"

WS 2014/15

Huber, Werner. VO "Irish Studies: An Introduction"

Huber, Werner. SE "Martin McDonagh: Playwright and Filmmaker"

Wöhrer, Franz-Karl. AR "Exploring 'Irishness' in Contemporary Novels and Short Stories by Irish Writers"

SS 2014

Huber, Werner. AR "Irish Short Stories on Film"

McLoughlin, Finbarr. VO "Irish History from Ancient Times to the Present"

WS 2013/14

Crosson, Seán. AR "Irish Cultural Studies: Literature, Music, Film and Sport"

Crosson, Seán. VO "Ireland and the Irish on Film"

Huber, Werner. SE "A Rough Guide to Samuel Beckett"

Huber, Werner. VO "Introduction to Anglophone Cultures and Societies: 'Cultural Learnings': Britain and Ireland"

SS 2013

Huber, Werner. VO "Irish Studies" (distinguished lecture series)

McLoughlin, Finbarr. VO "Irish History: From Ancient Times to the Present"

Mayer, Sandra. AR "Wild(e) Imaginings: Oscar Wilde on the Contemporary Stage"

Wöhrer, Franz-Karl. VO "Literatures in English: Fiction by Contemporary Irish Women Writers"

WS 2012/13

Fagan, Paul. PS "Strange Enlightenments: An Introduction to the Fantastic in Irish Literature"

Huber, Werner. SE "A Rough Guide to James Joyce"

Huber, Werner. VO "Irish Cultural Studies: Trends and Case Studies" (distinguished lecture series)

McLoughlin, Finbarr. VO "Aspects of Irish History Throughout the Ages"

Wöhrer, Franz-Karl. SE "Recollecting Hunger: Memories of the Irish Famine (1845-48) in Irish Fiction of the 20th and 21st Centuries

SS 2012

Lehner, Stefanie. AR "ImagiNation: Gender, Culture and Society in Ireland"

Lehner, Stefanie. SE "Representing Northern Ireland: From the 'Troubles to the Peace Process"

Lehner, Stefanie. VO "(De)Constructing Ireland: Gender, Identity and Change in Irish Culture and Society"

McLoughlin, Finbarr. VO "Irish History: From Ancient Times to the Present"

Wöhrer, Franz-Karl. SE "Contemporary Irish Fiction: Love in the Context of Ireland"

WS 2011/12

Fagan, Paul. PS "The Century of Self: An Introduction to Modernism Studies"

Huber, Werner. AR "Recent Irish Drama"

Huber, Werner. SE "Flann O'Brien"

Wöhrer, Franz-Karl. SE "Cross-Cultural Encounters as a Theme in Contemporary Anglophone Literatures" 
(short stories by Roddy Doyle, William Trevor, Eilis Ni Dhuibhne)