CELTER - Teachers in the Limelight


Zauber und Herausforderung des Berufseinstiegs

Mag.Dr. Marlene Schwarz und Mag. Brigitte Frank MA

"English Teachers in the Limelight" is an opportunity to meet and chat with English language practitioners. As we have established and nurtured a strong relationship with many practitioners in various fields of English Language Teaching, we found that it is time to give them a stage and a voice. We see this as a great opportunity to listen to experienced English language teachers speaking about their day-to-day experiences in schools, to ask questions and gain new perspectives.

English Teachers in the Limelight – gone digital!


After having been postponed for over a year, our English Teachers in the Limelight event on the experiences of newly qualified teachers finally took place on June 8th 2021 in a virtual setting.

We invited two of our alumni, Mag.a Dr. Marlene Schwarz (Gymnasium der Dominikanerinnen) and Mag.a Brigitte Frank, MA (BHAK/BHAS Wien 11) to talk about their experiences as newly qualified English teachers. Almost 40 interested students from our department listened and enthusiastically participated in the ensuing discussion. The evening finished off with a friendly virtual gathering and opportunities for an exchange of experiences and ideas.