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With around 3500 active students, the Department of English and American Studies of Vienna University is one of the largest in Europe.
The department prides itself on its strong research and teaching traditions, which span all the major areas of enquiry into the world language, its history, literature and structure. Those traditions are paired with an awareness of the new, rapid changes affecting English and its attendant scholarship, whether in advanced linguistics, cultural studies or multimedia. The English Department's research and teaching amalgamate to provide the highest possible standards of teacher training, combining decades of didactic experience with the latest research in pedagogy. Its own knowledge is augmented by distinguished anglophone guest professors from all over the globe.
Whether a student comes to Vienna University's English Department seeking a deeper knowledge of the language or literature, or wishes to attain a teaching degree, he or she will find a wealth of information and staff who can convey that information with vigour and authenticity.
The department has well-appointed multimedia and AV resources, and an active student representative body, which can advise on any questions about the pathway to a degree in English.

 Where to find us


Campus der Universität Wien, Hof 8.3
Spitalgasse 2-4
1090 Vienna, Austria

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The department is located in courtyard 8 of the University Campus. It is within easy walking distance from the following tram stops:
Trams 37,38,40,41,42 "Schwarzspanierstraße"
Trams 5,33,43*,44* "Lange Gasse"
(*note that trams 43 and 44 are not running until 1 September 2024 due to construction work)





A map of the entire Campus Area and Facilities is provided here.




Floor plans (click to enlarge)

Ground floor

1st floor offices

2nd floor offices