Getting around in Vienna

In Vienna you can use buses, trams and the S-Bahn (suburban train). A single ticket will cost you € 2.40 (before boarding) or € 2.60 (in the tram), a "48 hours Vienna"/"48 Stunden Wien" ticket € 14.10, and a "72 hours Vienna"/"72 Stunden Wien" ticket € 17.10. You can purchase tickets at the airport, at any metro-station, at a Trafik (kiosk for newspapers and tobacco), via the smartphone app (see below) but not on board of buses or underground trains. You will be able to buy single tickets in trams, but most ticket machines there are coin-based, so make sure you have some change.


Unterrichtsraum, seminar rooms

The Unterrichtsraum and the Seminar Rooms are located directly at our

Department of English and American Studies, University of Vienna
Campus AAKH, Hof 8.3, Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Wien

Our department is called "Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik" in German; AAKH is short for "Altes Allgemeines Krankenhaus", in case you were wondering; and "Hof" means courtyard in German.

Should you arrive at Spitalgasse, you are about to enter courtyard/Hof 1 (map); if you enter from Garnisongasse (which is the shortest route to our Department) you are in courtyard/Hof 9 (in this case, just proceed to the next courtyard, which is no. 8). Once inside campus walls, it will help to watch out for blue signposts with maps on them (the university’s official direction signs).


Alte Kapelle (key-note lecture)

The entrance to the venue Alte Kapelle is situated between courtyards/Hof 1 and 2 on the Campus.


Heurigen restaurant (conference dinner)

The conference dinner will take place at Heurigen restaurant "s'Pfiff" (Rathstraße 4, 1190 Wien).

To reach the Heurigen restaurant from the Campus, go to tram station "Schwarzspanierstraße", board tram 38 and travel to "Gatterburggasse". Change there to bus 35A (direction: Salmannsdorf) and go until "Neustift Agnesgasse (Kreisverkehr Ost)". The bus stops within sight of the restaurant, which is just beyond the roundabout, to the left. This will take you 45 to 60 min.