BEd/MEd-Webinar: Tackling Racism in Austrian Schools: a Practical Guide (27/10/21, 18.15-19.45)


For her VK “Black Lives Matter: Cultural Learning through Literature”, Eva Zettelmann has invited ZARA to give a 90-minute webinar on racism in Austrian Gymnasien and Mittelschulen.

ZARA is an Austrian organisation combatting racism and online hate crime.

This will be a hands-on talk, outlining the most common forms of racism in Austrian schools and giving practical advice on prevention and ‘first-aid’ response.

The speaker, MMag.a Mishela Ivanova PhD, is senior scientist at the department of education, Salzburg University, and specialises in peace education and Migrationsdidaktik.

Please save the date: Wednesday, 27/10/21, 18.15-19.45, and join us on:

The webinar (in German) is primarily aimed at BEd and MEd students but welcomes everybody interested in the issue.

The talk has been made possible by Sylvia Mieszkowski, who has kindly made funding available from her Berufungsetat.

We hope to see you there!


Webinar report: Based on statistics outlining various forms of ethnicity-related segregation in Austrian schools, the ZARA webinar offered valuable typologies classifying 1) acts of racism; 2) strategies adopted by people targeted by acts of racism and 3) individualist and systemic explanatory frameworks accounting for racism as a social phenomenon. After her talk, MMag.a Mishela Ivanova PhD answered questions on best practice in cases of racially motivated learner-to-learner aggression.