"Victorian Resurrections" (22-24 September 2022)


A report about the international conference on Victorian and Neo-Victorian representations of death and resurrection.

From Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th September 2022, the international conference Victorian Resurrections welcomed over fifty literary and cultural studies scholars from all around the world at the Department of English and American Studies to discuss death and resurrection in Victorian literature and culture, as well as in Neo-Victorian adaptations and reimaginations.

The conference, organised by Sandra Mayer (ÖAW), Sylvia Mieszkowski, Manon Burz-Labrande, Harald Freidl, and Ulrike Zillinger, aimed to investigate the connections between the Victorian era and the idea of resurrection(s), which, whether understood literally or figuratively, encompasses a broad range of literary, cultural, and material practices. In this spirit, we chose to use the Doves Type for our poster, a Victorian typeface once lost in the Thames and recently recovered and resurrected digitally.

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Keynote Speakers Ann Heilmann and Patricia Duncker - Photo: Harald Freidl