Call for Papers: Politics of Home


Invitation for contributions to a special issue entitled “The Politics of Home”, edited by Kristin Aubel and Sarah Heinz and scheduled for release in winter 2024.

From the Call for Papers:

The notion of home, while often associated with warmth, security, and personal sanctuary, is
inherently intertwined with broader socio-political dynamics. It therefore encompasses more
than a physical space, and it is never neutral, private, or simply ‘ours’. It is where inside and
outside, private and public, as well as built forms, affective ties, and cultural imaginaries
intersect in a politics of home. At their core, such politics of home encapsulate the intricate
interplay between individuals, communities, and the broader structures and institutions of
power that shape our lived experiences. This special issue seeks to explore the various ways in
which ideas and ideals of homes are constructed, contested, and negotiated within the complex
tapestry of society, highlighting the pivotal role played by political, cultural, artistic, and
historical contexts. It therefore seeks to cover the multiple forms and functions that a politics of
home can have, as well as the multiple forms in which literatures, the arts, media, activism, or
concrete home-making practices negotiate and grapple with the diverse manifestations of such
politics of home and their impact on individuals and communities.


Please send an abstract of approximately 500 words and a short bio to the editors Kristin Aubel
and Sarah Heinz ( & by 30 November 2023.
Abstracts should include a title, topic outline, and information on the kind of text (essay,
statement, scholarly article) as well as the approximate length of the planned text. Submissions
can be in the form of a traditional journal article, but this is not a requirement. Submissions can
also be more creative, of a personal nature, and/or experimental. The editors will get back to
you by 22 December 2023. Full articles will be due 31 May 2024. The special issue is scheduled
to be released in winter 2024. Please read the journal’s submission guidelines:

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