Podcast: Ladyfiction E8 "Thinking Postpandemic Futures: The Tiger Flu and Station 11“


What will be the new normal? Stefanie Schäfer discusses pre-Covid visions of postpandemic futures in the newest episode of her Ladyfiction podcast.

From the Transatlanticist Website:

In Oct 2021, aka the second fall after the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, many pressing questions persist: What will be our new normal? How will we construct our stories and our identities after COVID? Is the future, as many say, indeed female?

In this episode, Stefanie Schäfer and her guests, Ina Batzke and Linda Hess, explore two novels about global pandemics that were published before the arrival of COVID-19, and the answers these works of post-apocalyptic speculative fiction offer. They touch on female authors, alternate fictional universes, and the consequences wrought on humanity by the end of oil—and of the cultural industry, respectively.

You can listen to the episode HERE.

Stefanie Schäfer can be found on Twitter: @schaeferstef