"Language of Reflection - Reflection of Language" - in Foreign Language Teacher Education

edited by Miroslav Janik and Manuela Schlick.

Janik, Miroslav & Manuela Schlick (eds.) (2021). "Language of Reflection - Reflection of Language" in Foreign Language Teacher Education. Orbis Scholae 15.3.


This special issue of the Orbis Scholae addresses the relevance of reflection in language teacher education and revolves around professional vision and professional language as powerful concepts within language teacher education. Six contributions discuss formats and conditioning context factors of teacher education that promote reflection of practice. Whereas much research focuses on reflective tasks and reflective competences, so far, little attention has been given to their linguistic aspect.

To fill this research gap, this special issue collects six contributions that cover different domains and contexts of foreign language teacher education. After a conceptual introduction into the functions and contexts of professional teacher language, three studies focus on the context of teacher education within university-based courses and two articles on the cooperation between university education and practitioners or student teachers.

By analyzing linguistic aspects of reflection in all stages of foreign language teacher education and professional development, all studies aim at better educa- tional practice from different thematic perspectives. Furthermore, they contribute to investigating the practices of teacher education and highlight the role of inter- disciplinary research between linguistics and education.

The Special Issue is available under the following link: https://karolinum.cz/casopis/orbis-scholae/rocnik-15/cislo-3 


Manuela Schlick is post-doc research and teacher educator in the field of ELT Methodology with a focus on EFL teachers’ professional development at CELTER, Vienna University.

Miroslav Janík is assistant professor at the Institute for Research in School Education at Masaryk University, Brno in Czechia. His research interests German as a Foreign Language Methodology, multilingualism and professional vision of language teachers.