Mediatised Lifeworlds: Young people's narrative constructions, connections and appropriations


As from May 1st, 2018, a new interdisciplinary research platform will be established for three years at the University of Vienna. Under the lead of Susanne Reichl and Ute Smit, a team of eleven researchers based at four different faculties will investigate the mediatised lifeworlds of young people. They will focus on the narratives that young people use to construct identities, form social connections, and appropriate knowledge and skills, and will have a strong mission to support young researchers' projects.

The core team consists of:

(from left to right): Susanne Reichl (English Studies, principal investigator), Ute Smit (English Studies, deputy PI), Barbara Schober (Psychology), Thomas Slunecko (Psychology), Michaela Pfadenhauer (Sociology), Stefan Krammer (German Studies), Petra Herczeg (Communication Studies), Jürgen Spitzmüller (Linguistics); front row: Mark Coeckelbergh (Philosophy), Thomas A. Bauer (Communication Studies) und Ulrich Ansorge (Psychology).