Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Michael Draxlbauer
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Summer term 2018
124266 KO Critical Media Analysis - Reading Classic Western Movies
Winter term 2017
120691 PS Proseminar Cultural and Media Studies - American Protest Movements
Draxlbauer, M 2005, Tsenacommacoh vs. Virginia: Powhatan Resistance to British Colonization, 1607-1646. in Unknown host publication title. Unknown publisher, pp. 13-34.

Draxlbauer, M, Fröschl, T & Fellner, A (eds) 2004, (Anti-)Americanisms. American Studies in Austria, LIT Verlag.

Tschachler, H, Draxlbauer, M & Devine, M (eds) 2003, The embodyment of American culture. American studies in Austria, vol. 1, LIT Verlag, Münster.

"Kateri Tekakwitha - The Construction of a Saint"

Draxlbauer, M. (Contributor)
29 Mar 2006

Activity: OtherTalk or oral contribution

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