Mag. Dr. Melanie Loidolt
Winter term 2018
124263 KO Critical Media Analysis - Hybrid, Abject,and Queer Identities:Cultural Theories and Practical Analysis
Summer term 2018
124263 KO Critical Media Analysis - Myth - Transformations and Interrelations of a Core-Concept in Cultural Theories. Theoretical Analysis and Practical Application to Cultural Representations
124344 PS Literary Studies / Proseminar Literature - Angels and Demons: Dialectical Victorian Constructions and Subversive (Post-)Modernist Deconstructions of Femininity in Literature and Theory
Winter term 2017
124220 SE Cultural and Media Studies Seminar - 'Madness and Civilisation': Representations of Western Exclusionary Practices, Cultural Discontent, and Civil Disobedience in Theory, Media, and Literary Contexts
240040 SE Schwerpunktthema II / Critical Media Analysis - Talking It Over: Gender(s) in Dialogue/Dialogues on Gender - Poststructuralist & Postmodernist Perspectives in Theory, Literature and Film

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