Mag. Dr. Helen Heaney, BA
T: +43-1-4277-42418

Consultation hours: In the summer break (non-teaching weeks): by appointment only (please arrange by email).

Heaney, H 2011, Does my text mean the same as yours? Cultural bias in reading tests. in MB Vukanovic & I Vodopija-Krstanovic (eds), The Global and Local Dimensions of English: Exploring Issues of Language and Culture . LIT Verlag, Wien, pp. 45-58.

Heaney, H 2009, The role of memory while reading. in P Antonitsch, A Scherbantin, A Theuermann & V Wakounig (eds), Zeit erinnern. Zum interdisziplinären und pädagogischen Umgang mit Zeit und Erinnerung . Drava Verlag, Klagenfurt, pp. 171-191.

Heaney, H 2007, Reading for bachelors – mistressing reading skills. in E-M Graf & AR James (eds), English Studies in Flux. New Peaks, New Shores, New Crossings . Narr Verlag, Tübingen, pp. 127-137.

Curriculum vitae

2011 PhD (Dr.phil.) in Applied Linguistics (testing), University of Klagenfurt
1993 Master's degree (Mag.phil.) in English and French (teacher education), University of Klagenfurt
1988 B.A. (Honours) in German and French, University of Durham, Great Britain


Current position: Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of Vienna (teacher education, linguistics, language programme)
Research and teaching post at the Department of English, University of Klagenfurt (teacher education, linguistics, language programme)
ESP (medical English, business English, Export & Tourism, Business Administration, Media and Communications, Computing)
Team teacher in CLIL programme at a grammar school in Klagenfurt (music, natural sciences)
Teacher of English and French at secondary school, Austria

Research interests

Teacher education: English as a Foreign Language
Language testing
Reading skills & strategies

Extending CEFR descriptors for an analytic rating scale of academic writing at C1 to C2 – a stop-gap measure?

Berger, A. (Speaker), Heaney, H. (Speaker)
24 Feb 2017

Activity: Science to ScienceTalk or oral contribution

Symposium: Competence-oriented foreign language education: making competence uptake visible through lesson study

Heaney, H. (Contributor)
3 Sep 2016

Activity: Science to ScienceTalk or oral contribution

Keep calm and carry on skimming: an exploration of expeditious reading strategies

Heaney, H. (Speaker)
17 Oct 2015

Activity: Science to ScienceTalk or oral contribution

Countdown to the new standardized Matura: Assessing speaking

Berger, A. (Speaker), Heaney, H. (Speaker)
26 Apr 2014

Activity: Science to PublicTalk or oral contribution

Testing and investigating expeditious reading strategies

Heaney, H. (Speaker)
10 May 2012

Activity: Science to ScienceTalk or oral contribution

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