Univ.-Prof. Dr. John Kirk
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Montag 17.09 14.00
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Comments: My office is Room 3E 02 08A.

Please note: attendance at the very FIRST session of my seminars in WS2008 - including those on Friday 5th October - is compulsory. Please do NOT register for my seminars if you choose not to attend the first session! Or, if this will be the case, please deregister and choose another option.The official start of the WS is Monday 1st October, so that there is no excuse NOT to be in Vienna or NOT to be attending first sessions of seminars on Friday 5th October, the first teaching day of the semester.

Winter term 2018
122049 PS Proseminar Linguistics 2 - Lexicology and Lexicography: an introduction
122223 SE Linguistics Seminar / BA Paper - Corpus Linguistics: subject or methodology?
122224 SE Linguistics Seminar / BA Paper - Scots and Scottish English: unity or diversity?
Summer term 2018
120049 PS Proseminar Linguistics 2 - The syntactic structure of sentences in English: simplicity or complexity?
122227 SE Linguistics Seminar / BA Paper - English and Scots in Ireland North and South: convergence or divergence?
122231 AR Linguistics Course (interactive) - Exploring English with online Corpora

Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik

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T: +43-1-4277-42427
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