Univ.-Prof. Dr. John Kirk
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Consultation hours: No more office hours until the New Year, I'm afraid, when I'll resume Thursdays at 14.00 and Fridays at 16.00; other times are possible by arrangement by email (but not between 19 December and 6 January, when the building will be closed anyway).

Comments: My office is Room 3E 02 08A.

Winter term 2018
122049 PS Proseminar Linguistics 2 - Lexicology and Lexicography: an introduction
122223 SE Linguistics Seminar / BA Paper - Corpus Linguistics: subject or methodology?
122224 SE Linguistics Seminar / BA Paper - Scots and Scottish English: unity or diversity?
Summer term 2018
120049 PS Proseminar Linguistics 2 - The syntactic structure of sentences in English: simplicity or complexity?
122227 SE Linguistics Seminar / BA Paper - English and Scots in Ireland North and South: convergence or divergence?
122231 AR Linguistics Course (interactive) - Exploring English with online Corpora

Department of English and American Studies

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T: +43-1-4277-42427
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