Dr. Tom Rankin, BA MA
Winter term 2018
Summer term 2018
122225 SE Linguistics Seminar / BA Paper - Cross-linguistic Influence in Language Learning
Grosso, SS, Rankin, T & Reiterer, SM 2015, 'Co-activation of L1 Syntax in German-English Bilinguals' Paper presented at The 13th generative approaches to second language acquisition conference (GASLA 2015), Bloomington, United States, 4/03/15 - 6/03/15, .

Grosso, SS, Rankin, T & Reiterer, SM 2014, 'Which animal chases the dog?: Neural correlates of syntactic transfer in German – English late bilinguals: an ERP study' 1st Vienna Conference on "Language Learning, Music and the Brain", Wien, Austria, 1/07/14 - 1/07/14, .

Rankin, T & Schiftner, B 2009, The use of marginal and complex prepositions in learner English. in M Mahlberg, V González-Díaz & C Smith (eds), Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics Conference, University of Liverpool, 20-23 July 2009. Unknown publisher.

The Use of Marginal and Complex Prepositions in Learner English

Rankin, T. (Speaker)
22 Jul 2009

Activity: OtherTalk or oral contribution

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