Univ.-Prof. ao. Univ.-Prof. i.R. Mag. Dr. Barbara Seidlhofer
Barbara Seidlhofer

News: Supervision of MA and doctoral theses:
I am currently supervising quite a number of theses but am generally not taking on any new supervision responsibilities.
However, if you have a very specific request and can make a strong case for working on a topic that would advance research into English as a Lingua Franca do feel free to contact me by e-mail, and with a draft research proposal.

Consultation hours: Office hours: by appointment.

I am retired but continue to be available for my MA and PhD supervisees and for students I teach and examine. This can be on site, by telephone or via video conferencing. Please request an appointment by sending me an e-mail <barbara.seidlhofer@univie.ac.at>, and mention what you would like to talk about.

If you want to know more about my work and the ELF research group at our department please visit the ELF research group website.

There you will also find information on the research projects VOICE and VOICE CLARIAH, and a link to the Journal of English as a Lingua Franca.

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