Travel to Vienna

Travel by plane

The international airport Vienna - Flughafen Wien Schwechat - is located approx. 20 km south-east from the City Center. You can reach the city centre from there by:

Taxis are available right in front of the arrival and departure hall (but still inside the terminal building) (ca. € 40-50). The most economic option would be to book your taxi in advance: Your driver will then meet you at the arrivals area.

Outside Terminal 1 is also the bus stop for the Vienna Airport Line. Buses normally leave on the hour and at half past.

ÖBB trains leaving from the airport to the city are either railjets (15 min. travel, goes to "Hauptbahnhof" directly in one stop) or regional trains (R or S7) (appr. 30 min. travel, change trains at "Rennweg" to go to "Hauptbahnhof"). A single ticket bought at a ÖBB ticket machine at the airport is the most budget-friendly option to reach the city.

On how to reach the Campus from Hauptbahnhof and Westbahnhof, see below.


Travel by train

Vienna is well connected to the international rail network. International trains arrive either at Wien Hauptbahnhof or Wien Westbahnhof. How to reach the Campus from your respective train station, see below.

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Reaching the Campus from Hauptbahnhof (Main train station)

When starting at Hauptbahnhof, you are best served by taking bus 13A. It stops right outside the main station's main entrance. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to buy your ticket with the bus driver. (See here, where tickets can be purchased.) Get on and stay to the line's other terminus ("Alser Straße, Skodagasse"). When you disembark, you are a mere 7 minutes' walk away from the Department. (map; directions).


Reaching the Campus from Westbahnhof

If you are starting out at Westbahnhof, change into the U6 direction "Floridsdorf" (there is a ticket machine in the metro-station) and get off at "Alser Straße". Go downstairs, turn right and leave the station, turn left, walk 30m to find Tram 43 (direction "Schottentor"), get on and disembark at "Lange Gasse". Now you are a mere 5 minutes' walk away from the Department. (map; directions).