Caring for Cultural Studies: A Tribute to Monika Seidl

edited by Alexandra Ganser, Barbara Maly-Bowie, Elisabeth Lechner & Eva Maria Schörgenhuber

Ganser, Alexandra, Barbara Maly-Bowie, Elisabeth Lechner and
Eva Maria Schörgenhuber (Eds.). Caring for Cultural Studies. V&R Unipress: 2022.


From the publisher’s website:

This volume pays homage to Monika Seidl, a key figure of cultural studies at the University of Vienna’s Department of English and American Studies and spotlights her many achievements in the field.

The Festschrift on the occasion of her retirement reflects on cultural studies as a discipline, its history and possible futures, aspects of care as in crisis and as practiced by Monika Seidl, and engages with her academic work in articles of different styles by contributors including Magdalena Berger, Lawrence Grossberg, Sabine Harrer, Roman Horak, Christian Huck, Thomas Kühn, Elisabeth Lechner and Judith Kohlenberger, Barbara Maly-Bowie, Timo Frühwirth and Sandra Mayer, Anette Pankratz, Annegret Pelz, Monika Pietrzak-Franger, Julia Pühringer, Susanne Reichl, Ranthild Salzer and John Storey. It includes a preface by Alexandra Ganser.


Alexandra Ganser is a professor of American Studies at the Department of English and American Studies, University of Vienna.

Elisabeth Lechner is a post-doctoral lecturer at the University of Vienna. She also works as a consultant on the politics of digitisation at the Austrian Chamber of Labour’s Office for Digital Affairs.

Barbara Maly-Bowie is a lecturer in cultural and media studies at the University of Vienna.

Eva Maria Schörgenhuber is a university assistant and PhD student at the University of Vienna.