Information for Contributors

We are happy to receive contributions all year round at Contributions can either be empirical studies or Action Research projects. Here are the templates for each type of contributions:

Please use the respective template for writing your manuscript and make sure you adhere to these guidelines:

Content structure

The focus of your contribution should be on relevant findings and their applicability. Please include the following aspects:

  • Highlights (instead of abstract)
    Include 3 to 5 highlights in the form of bullet points below the title. These should reflect the purpose of the article and key arguments.
  • Rationale
    State why the study was conducted, why it is relevant and how it is embedded in the applied linguistics and ELT literature, including definitions of key terms as used in the paper.
  • Research question(s)/study focus
  • Study description
    Keep the description of the study as focused and short as possible.
    * If you describe an empirical study, include information on the research design and sampling, the methodology, the instruments, the data and/or participants, and the method(s) of analysis.
    * If you describe a teaching project, include information on the context, the participants, the teaching approach, the teaching methodology (or technique), the materials used, and the method(s) of analysis.
  • Findings
    Present the results of the study and its implications for English language teaching and learning.
  • Application Box (if applicable)
    Provide concrete hands-on suggestions for (student) teachers and/or teacher educators on how to apply the findings in actual teaching settings (formatted as the ‘application box’, see template for contributors).

Note (particularly for postgraduate students):
The length and type of a contribution to CELT Matters does not allow a complete summary of an MA/MEd/PhD thesis. Instead, focus on a particular part/aspect – called “the study” above – that you consider the most relevant for (student) teachers and/or teacher educators.

Formal aspects

  • Language
    The language of publication is English.
  • Length
    1,500-2,500 words (excl. references)
  • Citation style
    Please format references according to the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2nd printing) (as used in the template). For further information see e.g. Purdue OWL.
  • Format
    A4 with a margin of 2.5 cm, line spacing 1.15 lines, font: Arial 11 pt, headings: Calibri 16 pt., see template



The author needs to obtain permission in writing to reprint any figure, table, photograph or extract which is taken from a previously published work or online source from the copyright holder.


What happens after you've sent the manuscript

CELT Matters has a review process which takes time and requires one or more phases of re-writing on your part.

  1. Once we have received your contribution, we will acknowledge receipt.
  2. Two of us will review the manuscript within the next 2 months and send their comments to you by email. If possible, we are also happy to discuss your paper in person.
  3. After this initial feedback stage, authors are expected to rework their manuscript in relation to the suggested changes. Please use track changes when doing so or highlight the sections that have been changed in a new version of the document. If you have reasons not to adopt suggestions offered, make them known (e.g. with the comment function).
  4. Send your revised manuscript (with changes marked) to It will be read again by one of the original reviewers and, when finalised, it will be published on this Website.