Practical Phonetics and Oral Communication Skills

Practical Phonetics and Oral Communication Skills 1

In PPOCS 1, you will become an expert in the pronunciation of a particular variety of English (AE or BE). More specifically, you will practise and improve your own pronunciation based on a sound understanding of English phonetics and phonology. This course offers you a unique opportunity to receive individual guidance and feedback on your pronunciation development using a wide range of methods and activities including a state-of-the-art language lab. Having successfully completed PPOCS 1, you will be well prepared to apply your practical phonetics and oral communication skills in PPOCS 2.

Take your pronunciation to the next level.

Practical Phonetics and Oral Communication Skills 2

PPOCS 2 builds on the skills acquired in PPOCS 1. Focusing on formal presentations and interactive speaking skills, it highlights the key elements of effective presentations and public speeches, which you can consciously factor into your next academic or professional talk. In addition, the oral communication skills developed in this course will give you experience in the give-and-take of conversations and discussions and thereby greatly boost your speaking confidence.

Make your next presentation more memorable, more professional and more compelling.