Reflecting the unprecedented relevance of English in our globalised and internationalised world, English is increasingly used all over the world for education across all levels and subjects or disciplines.

As one of the pioneering research groups, we have focused on classroom practices, participant perspectives and institutional policies in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) covering primary and secondary educational settings and in tertiary-level EMI (English Medium Instruction) settings. The latter, we claim, are more appropriately described as English-Medium Education in Multilingual University Settings (EMEMUS).

Main research interests

Presently, our main research interests are:

  • capturing the complexity of language and language learning in the classroom; with a focus on disciplinary language and literacies
  • conceptualising and analysing the interplay of macro, meso and micro factors in the dynamic policies and practices of EMEMUS 

A number of MA and PhD theses under the supervision of Prof Christiane Dalton Puffer, Prof Julia Hüttner and Prof Ute Smit have been completed or are currently being written. For examples, consult the E-theses database, the ongoing PhD projects and the archive of VIEWS and CELT Matters. Books and articles resulting from our CLIL & EMI research are available internationally – please, consult the webpages of the team researchers.