CIS Public Lectures

Wojciech Klepuszewski (Koszalin University of Technology), "Booze as a Muse - Irish Literature and Drink," 30 April 2019

Eglantina Remport (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest), "Lady Gregory's Sicilian Summer & the Cultural Politics of the Abbey Theatre," 5 July 2018

Ondrej Pilný (Charles University, Prague), "Acts of Memory: Dermot Healy, Documentary Cinema and Verbatim Theatre," 23 January 2018

Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin), "'Tidal Drift': Reading the Coastal in Contemporary Irish Fiction," 11 December 2017 (Irish Studies Night)

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien), "The Viennese 'Lieber Augustin'-Song as an Austrian Counterpart of Finnegans Wake," 11 December 2017 (Irish Studies Night)

Paul Fagan (Universität Wien), "The Reception of Macpherson's Ossian in 18th century Ireland," 1 December 2017 (Schottenfest)

Sarah Ritt (Universität Wien), "Closing time?: The time and space of Brendan Behan's publichouse(s)," 1 December 2017 (Schottenfest)

Dieter Fuchs (Unversität Wien), "Irish Cannibalism and British Imperial Power Politics," 1 December 2017 (Schottenfest)

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien), "Irish Cannibalism and British Imperial Power Politics," 14 July 2017 (Vienna Irish Studies and Cultural Theories Summer School, "The Irish Carnivalesque", 10-14 July 2017)

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien) & Paul Fagan (Universität Salzburg/Universität Wien), "Bakhtinian Readings of Short Fiction of James Joyce & Elizabeth Bowen," 12 July 2017 (Vienna Irish Studies and Cultural Theories Summer School, "The Irish Carnivalesque", 10-14 July 2017)

Tamara Radak (Universität Wien), "'Tobecontinued's Tale': The Unfinalizability of Irish Modernist Literature," 12 July 2017 (Vienna Irish Studies and Cultural Theories Summer School, "The Irish Carnivalesque", 10-14 July 2017)

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien), "Survey Introduction to Bakhtin," 10 July 2017 (Vienna Irish Studies and Cultural Theories  Summer School, "The Irish Carnivalesque", 10-14 July 2017)

Tamara Radak (Universität Wien), "Modernism: Myth, Machines, Manifestos," 12 December 2016

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien), "The Viennese 'Lieber Augustin'-Song as an Austro-Hungarian Counterpart of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake," 3 December 2016 (Schottenfest)

Tamara Radak, Dieter Fuchs, and Paul Fagan (Universität Wien), "Irish and Scottish Literature in Austria," 3 December 2016 (Schottenfest, 1-4 December 2016;

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien), "Still Forgotten and Unacknowledged: Modernism and the Menippean Tradition," 30 September 2016 ("Irish Modernisms: Gaps, Conjectures, Possibilities", 29 Sept.-1 Oct. 2016)

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien), "James Joyce and the Viennese Boozer known as 'Lieber Augustin'," 1-2 July 2016 ("Booze as a Muse: Writers and their Works")

Finbarr McLoughlin (Universtät Wien), "The Century of Revolution, Ireland, Russia and Spain: A Global Context," 23 June 2016

Lance Pettitt (St. Mary's University, London / Universität Wien), "Risings, Reels and Revisionists: Easter 1916 and Film," 9 June 2016

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien), "A Tale of Two Cities: Séan O'Casey's Revolutionary Drama Performed in Dublin and Vienna," 2 June 2016

Paul Fagan (Universität Salzburg / Universität Wien), "Revive/Revisit: The Rising and Irish Modernism," 19 May 2016

Keith Hopper (St. Mary's University, London), "Revising the Revising: Eimar O'Duffy and Easter 1916," 12 May 2016

Seán Crosson (NUI Galway), "'In the place where young people gathered for sport, the seed of revolution spread': Sport, Film and the 1916 Rising," 28 April 2016

John McCourt (Roma Tre University), "Elegising the Rising: Yeats and George William Russell alias AE," 21 April 2016

Éamonn Ó Ciardha (University of Ulster), "The Life and Legacy of Pádraig Mac Piarais, Revivalist, Revolutionary and 1916 Martyr," 14 April 2016

Fuchs, Dieter (Universität Wien), "Introduction: A Matter of Cultural Debate," 7 April 2016

Julian Gough (Trinity Irish Writer Fellow 2015), "A lightly comic overview of the state of Irish literature - featuring dream-visions of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Maeve Binchy," 13 November 2015

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien), "Why Read Joyce in 21st Century Austria?", 16 October 2015

Claire Tomalin (London), "The Challenges of Biography," 15 May 2014

Seán Crosson (Visiting Professor in Irish Studies), "An Austrian's (Unexpected) Contribution to the Emergence of Irish Film: George Fleischmann, From Luftwaffe 'Spy' to Pioneering Cinematographer," 9 January 2014

Anne Karhio (University of Stavanger), "Virtual Landscapes?: Media, Technology and Poetics of Place in Recent Irish Poetry," 12 December 2013

"Remembering Seamus Heaney" (memorial event), 10 December 2013
(lectures by: Neil Corcoran, Seán Crosson, Peter Sirr)

Stefano Evangelista (Trinity College, Oxford), "Oscar Wilde, our Contemporary: Monuments and Fragments on the European Stage," 19 June 2013

Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin), "'Madam, I never eat muscatel grapes': James Joyce and Popular Culture," 13 June 2013 (Bloomsday lecture)

Luke Gibbons (National University of Ireland, Maynooth), "Frontier Modernities: Ireland, Anachronism, and the Financial Wild West," 23 May 2013

Ciaran Benson (University College Dublin), "Fault Lines of Allegiance in Contemporary Ireland and the Problem of Acting Wisely," 2 May 2013

Neasa Hardiman (Dublin), "This is Going to Take More Than One Night," 25 April 2013

Kevin Bean (University of Liverpool), "Renewing the Republic?: Political Reaction to the Collapse of the Celtic Tiger," 18 April 2013

Niamh Sharkey / Mags Walsh, "Contemporary Irish Children's Book Illustration - An Introduction," 14 March 2013

"Irish Studies Night," 23 January 2013
(with lectures by: His Excellency the Irish Ambassador, Mr. James Brennan; Hedwig Schwall)

Stefano Evangelista (Trinity College, Oxford), "The Theatre of Provocation: Censorship and Transgression in the Plays of George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde," 17 January 2013

Julian Gough (Berlin/Galway), "Strange Enlightenments: The Irish Fantastic Tradition," 16 January 2013

Dominic Bryan (Queen's University Belfast), "Flagging Identity: The Control of Public Space in Northern Ireland," 16 January 2013

Claire Connolly (University College Cork), "Making and Breaking the United Kingdom: Theorising Cultural Exchange on the Holyhead Road," 9 January 2013

Seán Crosson (NUI Galway), "'Ireland's Athletic Assault and Battery'?: Representations of Irish Sport," 5 December 2012

Katharina Rennhak (University of Wuppertal), "Projections of Childhood and Family Life in Irish Films," 28 November 2012

Gerry Smyth (Liverpool John Moores University), "Popular Music and the Grain of the Irish Voice," 21 November 2012

Mark Schreiber (Siege), "Celtic Tiger Cinema," 14 November 2012

Stefanie Lehner (Queen's University Belfast), "From 'anachronistic passions' to Peace and Reconciliation: Representing Northern Ireland in Film, Fiction, and Photography," 7 November 2012

Raymond Hickey (University of Duisburg-Essen), "Languages in Ireland," 31 October 2012

Michael Raab (Frankfurt/Main), "Selling Ireland by the Pound: Irish, English and German Productions of Martin McDonagh's Plays," 19 June 2012

Andreas Weigel (Wien), "The Bloomsday Lecture: James Joyces Österreich: Aufenthalte," 18 June 2012

Meg Tyler (Fulbright Professor, Boston/Innsbruck), "Lost, Loosed: Some Thoughts on Rhyme in Seamus Heaney's and Michael Longley's Recent Poetry," 12 June 2012

Stefanie Lehner (Visiting Professor in Irish Studies), "Filiative Reconciliation: Performing the Peace Process in Recent Northern Irish Film & Fiction," 5 June 2012

Maurice Fitzpatrick (Cologne), "The Boys of St. Columb's" (lecture-cum-filmscreening), 8 May 2012

Aaron Kelly (Edinburgh), "Representing Northern Ireland: The Troubles and the Peace Process in Film and Photography," 7 May 2012

Michael Raab (Frankfurt/Main), "From Page to Stage to Page to Stage: Enda Walsh's The Walworth Farce in Ireland and in the German-Speaking Theatre," 11 November 2011

Dieter Fuchs (Technical University of Koszalin), "'Oedipus Lex': The Return of the Father and the Dispossessed Son in The Third Policeman and The Playboy of the Western World," 27 July 2011 ("100 Myles: The International Flann O'Brien Centenary Conference", 24-27 July 2011)

Jochen Achilles (Universität Würzburg), "Ethnicity on Broadway and in Hollywood: Liminal Identities in African American and Irish Drama," 24 May 2011

Patrick Lonergan (NUI Galway), "Irish Theatre Today - Through and Beyond a Global Crisis," 21 March 2011

Michael Raab (Frankfurt/Main), "A Nation of Soliloquists?: The Irish and the Dramatic Monologue," 21 January 2011

Gerry Smyth (Liverpool John Moores University), "Music in James Joyce's The Dead: Contexts and Genres," 20 January 2011

John O'Flynn (Dublin City University), "Music and Identity in Contemporary Irish Society," 12 January 2011

Caetano Galindo (Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brasil), "Translating James Joyce's Ulysses," 18 October 2010

Franz Stanzel (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz), "The Irishing of Joyce's Austrian Years," 16 June 2010

Michael Raab (Frankfurt/Main), "Lost in Cultural Transfer?: New Irish Plays in the German-Speaking Theatre," 1 June 2010

Seán Crosson (NUI Galway), "Soccer, Films, and National Identity," 28 May 2010

Rolf Breuer (University of Paderborn), "Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape, Peter Ustinov's Photo Finish, Peter Handke's Bis daß der Tag euch scheidet," 6 November 2009

Dieter Fuchs (Universität Wien), "Wilde, Wagner, and the Aestheticist Debate of Representation: 'What's in a name?': The Importance of Being Earnest, or Lohengrin," 4 September 2009 (7th EFACIS Conference "Ireland in/and Europe: Cross-Currents and Exchanges, 3-6 Sept. 2009)

"Bloomsday 2009: A Collideorscape of Joycean Exagminations," 16 June 2009 
(with lectures by: Finbarr McLoughlin, Andreas Weigel, Laura Pelaschiar, Paul Fagan, Dieter Fuchs)