CELT Staff

Univ.Prof. Dr. Julia Hüttner, MSc.

Julia Hüttner is Professor of English Language Education (“Didaktik der englischen Sprache”) having joined the Department of English Studies and the Zentrum für LehrerInnenbildung in this position in February 2018. Previously, she was Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at the University of Southampton, UK. Her research into foreign language learning and teaching currently addresses two major areas: Firstly, CLIL (Content-and-Language-Integrated-Learning) and EMI (English-Medium-Instruction), with a research focus on classroom interactions. Secondly, teacher development (particularly in ESP), teacher education and teacher beliefs. Past research, including her PhD, focused on genre use in EAP and ESP and these issues are still of interest.

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Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Christiane Dalton-Puffer

After studying English, History and Spanish and teaching German in the UK Christiane turned to research in linguistics, initially examining complex words in Middle English. While her fascination with morphology continues she now focuses on her other main interest applied linguistics and its links to language teacher education.

Her current research is on classroom discourse especially in Content-and-Language integrated Learning (CLIL) and she has been part of the leading team of the interdisciplinary Research Platform ”Theory and practice of & Subject Didactics” at the University of Vienna since 2009.


Mag.a Dr. Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher, MA

Barbara holds a teaching degree in English and German from the University of Graz and a master´s degree in applied linguistics and ELT from the University of East Anglia. After having taught English at secondary and tertiary level she turned to teacher education. At present she teaches general and specialized classes in English language pedagogy and coordinates the activities of the departmental Centre for English Language Teaching. Her research interests are foreign language teacher education, ESP methodology and the use of corpora in ELT.

Mag.a Dr. Helen Heaney, B.A. (Hons)

Helen studied French and German at the University of Durham, Great Britain and obtained her teaching degree in English and French at the University of Klagenfurt. Her PhD was on developing a tertiary-level English reading comprehension test. She spent 12 years team-teaching in a CLIL programme at a grammar school in Klagenfurt (focusing on music and the natural sciences) and taught ESP in many different fields, from medical English to Tourism. From 1998 to 2011, Helen worked in the English Department at the University of Klagenfurt, where she was involved in the language programme, linguistics and teacher training. At present she teaches specialized classes in English language pedagogy alongside other courses in the BA and BEd programmes as well as CLIL workshops with practising teachers. Her special interests are language testing and assessment, innovative approaches to language teaching and learning and reading comprehension.

Mag.a Daniela Weitensfelder, MA

After finishing her degrees in English and French at the universities of Graz, Orléans (teaching assistant) and SUNY Buffalo, NY (Fulbright scholar), Daniela Weitensfelder settled in Vienna, where she teaches business English and French, and preparation courses for Cambridge certificates at BHAK Wien11. She is active in several working groups (teacher training, implementation of new curricula, Bifie-certified trainer for the new Austrian SRDP etc.) for the Vienna Board of Education, the bm:ukk, PH + KPH Wien. She has been a team member in several projects at the "Österreichisches Sprachen-Kompetenz-Zentrum www.oesz.at. AT the CELT, her special interests are in ESP methodology and foreign language teacher education.

Mag.a Dr. Angelika Rieder-Bünemann

Angelika holds a teaching degree in English and Mathematics from the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology, and a PhD in applied linguistics from the University of Tübingen, specializing in incidental vocabulary acquisition. Having taught English in a range of settings, including secondary and tertiary levels, she now works as a senior lecturer for English language pedagogy at the English Department. Her research interests include second language vocabulary acquisition, New Media in language education, CLIL (Content-and-Language-Integrated-Learning) and EAP/ESP.

Dr. Manuela Wipperfürth

Manuela Wipperfürth attained experience in the field of foreign language teaching both from doing research and from everyday classroom practice. Currently she is university assisstant to Prof. Hüttner at the Department of English Studies and has joined the team in 2018. Previously, she worked as Senior Lecturer and External Lecturer at the English Department, Englischdidaktik, and School of Education at Salzburg University alongside teaching English at an upper secondary school with inclusive classes in Salzburg and doing teacher training. Since her PhD project („Lernende Lehrernetzwerke“) at LMU Munich 2009-2014, her research has focused on foreign language teacher education and continuing professional development through classroom videos, professional discourse and cooperation among practitioners, differentiation and material development. She currently focuses on how digitalisation reshapes foreign language education.

Sonia Perelló-Bover, MA

After studying English and language teaching in the University of Barcelona, she worked as an English and CLIL teacher in Spain at both primary and secondary level. In 2013, she moved to the UK and completed a MA in Applied Linguistics in the University of Southampton, where she then worked as a language teacher and started to research in the field of sociolinguistics and ELT. She joined the University of Vienna in 2018 and her current research is on multilingualism in schools.

Teaching this semester

MMag. Monika S. Boniecki

Monika studied English, German and linguistics at the University of Vienna. During her studies she spent a year at the University of Edinburgh as an exchange student. She has taught in various settings, ranging from pre-primary to adult education. Currently she is teaching at an AHS in Vienna and involved in teacher training at the Department of English. Her areas of interest are first and second/foreign language acquisition and teaching, with a special focus on vocabulary, morphology and narrative.

Mag. Dr. Armin Berger, MA

After studying English and Catholic Religious Instruction at Vienna University and the Australian National University, Canberra, Armin has gained professional experience in a number of settings, ranging from secondary to tertiary, adult and even primary education. He is currently teaching at this department and a secondary vocational school in Vienna, with a keen teaching interest in all areas of spoken language and a research interest in testing speaking. His main activities are focused on but not limited to language testing and assessment.

Mag. Dr. Thomas Martinek, BA BA

Thomas Martinek studied English and Music at the University of Vienna and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and also holds a degree from Anton Bruckner Private University Linz (classical guitar pedagogy). He has been teaching language skills courses at the English department since 2005 (PPOCS, ILSS, Language in Use, Phonetic Transcription) and joined the CELT team in SS 2010, when he first taught the Introduction to Language Teaching 2. Thomas also works at the GRG 3 Radetzkystraße, where he gives English and Music lessons. His research interests include pronunciation teaching, postcolonial studies, short story theory, postmodernism and intersections of literature and music. He is currently also working on his Ph.D. thesis on postcolonial Nigerian short stories. 

Mag. Dr. Claudia Mewald

Claudia Mewald teaches English Methodology, Young Adult Literature, Applied Linguistics and Research at the University College of Teacher Education in Baden, Lower Austria, and Testing & Assessment at the University of Vienna. Before, she taught English, History and Arts at primary, special needs and secondary schools. Her research interests are testing & assessment, learner autonomy, CLIL, competency-based language education and multilingualism. She is council member of WALS and implements Lesson Study in teacher education on a regular basis.


Mag.a Heidrun Elmenreich

After finishing her degrees in French and English at Vienna University, Heidrun Elmenreich started teaching English and French at secondary level, both in general and vocational settings. Integrating open learning methods and ESP 15 + from the very beginning, she has developed a series of open learning materials. She teaches English, French and International Communication in Business at Hertha Firnberg Schools for Business and Tourism Vienna 22 and acts as a pre-service teacher trainer for the Centre for English Language Teaching at Vienna University.

Mag. Fabian Szymanek

Since Sept. 2010 Fabian Szymanek has been a teacher of English, Mathematics and Spanish at a secondary school in Maria Enzersdorf, Lower Austria. At this school he has worked in a CLIL-setting teaching Mathematics in English in both lower and upper secondary. After around three years as a “Sondervertragslehrer” he graduated from both the University of Vienna and the Technical University in 2013. In addition, Fabian has worked as the coordinator of numerous SFA English language camps in Styria for many summers now. His special interests lie in language teaching methodology and teacher education in general, and testing & assessment in particular. Having joined the department’s external teaching staff in March 2014 he has taught Introduction to Language Teaching 2/Foundations 2, EFL Testing & Assessment, as well as Materials Evaluation & Development, which he greatly enjoys as much as being a mentor teacher for teacher training students (in both B.Ed. and M.Ed. practicum courses). Outside of school and university he tries to go abroad as frequently as possible. Also he is an avid follower of American politics, especially as it is portrayed in different media.

Mag. Hajnalka Berényi Kiss

Hajnalka’s has a teaching degree in English and Hungarian Studies from the University of Vienna and a B-level certificate in Leadership and Developmental Community Youth Work from the University of Jonköping. She has gained professional experience in a number of teaching as well as academic positions. She currently teaches English and various CLIL subjects at a vocational college in Vienna where her duties include: eLearning coordination, responsibility for student exchange programmes and the Cambridge Examinations (Business English Certificate Higher). Since 2013, Hajnalka’s been working as a lecturer at the University of Vienna, and joined the English Department’s teaching staff in 2018. She has a keen interest in language learning and teaching, especially in multilingual contexts. Outside of the classroom, she is a passionate landscape photographer.

Mag. Dr. Ronald Kemsies

Ronald holds a teaching degree in English and French from the University of Vienna and a PhD in English and American Studies, specializing in applied cognitive linguistics. His professional experience includes teaching English as a foreign language in various settings as well as working as a teacher educator, mentor, educational consultant and materials writer. His research interests are applied cognitive linguistics, second language acquisition, EFL methodology, primary ELT, CLIL and teacher education.

Mag. Mag. Petra Ederer

Petra studied English, History and German as a Foreign Language at the University of Vienna and currently teaches at the BG/BRG 21 Schulschiff Bertha von Suttner, where she also mentors English student teachers. She has been teaching English language didactics with a focus on literature and culture since 2014. As a member of the research platform #YouthMediaLife and PhD student, her research interests lie in children’s and young adult fiction, time travel stories, film and game studies, and gender studies. She loves fiction and sports.

Mag. Brigitte Roth

Brigitte Roth holds a teaching degree in English and German from the University of Vienna. She taught at a secondary vocational school in Vienna for many years, specialising in English for pre-school teachers. Since 2008 she has worked at the Pädagogische Hochschule Wien, where she is involved in the language programme, teacher training and the International Office. She has been teaching language skills courses (ILSS1) and ELT Foundations at the English department at the University of Vienna since 2016.

Funded PhD students in CELT

Mag. Silvia Bauer-Marschallinger

Mag. Silvia Bauer-Marschallinger is a PhD fellow at the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Vienna. She previously taught English and History (CLIL) at two Viennese vocational upper secondary schools. In 2017, she was awarded the uni:docs fellowship for her doctoral project, which aims to address the issue of content and language integration in secondary history CLIL settings. Her research interests include CLIL and other forms of bilingual education, language teaching and learning, as well as language-aware history didactics.

Alexandra Schurz

Alexandra studied English and French at the University of Vienna and received her diploma in 2017. She has experience teaching those subjects at a compulsory school in Stockholm, and an academic high school and a business college in Vienna. She started investigating implicit and explicit grammatical knowledge of Swedish learners of English in her diploma thesis, and continues to do so in her PhD, extending the target group to Austrian students. Alongside her interest in EFL grammatical knowledge, Alexandra aims to explore the impact that different types of instruction and Extramural English have on L2 attainment.

Administrative Staff

Monika Fahrnberger